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Terri-Anne understands the fundamentals of skincare; what makes up the skin, and what the skin actually needs from the inside and from the outside. But, she also knows that the most important thing for skin and body care is the nurturing factor.


Terri-Anne grew up using quality skincare [Estée Lauder, Clinique, Aveda, Dermalogica and Chanel] products and was taught about the benefits of a personalised yet simple skincare routine. Terri-Anne’s love of skincare developed as she learnt the science of nourishing and protecting the skin, including keeping it hydrated and well-protected. From supporting friends and family, to then professional therapists and retailers, Terri-Anne has routinely shared her expertise and developed supportive programs for many different skin types. 

One factor Terri-Anne admired about some of the larger brands she worked for was their philosophy of looking after the whole body. An all-encompassing approach that allows for a deeper impact. Terri-Anne says, “True skincare is there to support us and nurture us. The products themselves won’t necessarily make us "younger and sexier” as we often are told through campaigns, but, simply put—it is an extension of our well-being, this is the true beauty that lies within, which shows and glows on the outside. When this happens you naturally look healthier, younger, beautiful and sexy”.

Terri-Anne had explored developing and stocking her own range, however, in 2018 she was introduced to the DermIdenticalsrange that had been developed by Dr Michael Serafin. DermIdenticals are a range of clinical grade cosmeseuticals that use skin identical ingredients to nourish and repair the skin. The DermIdenticals key ingredients are backed by research and offer an advanced delivery system for superior penetration. The range has no chemical nasties, is cruelty free and made in Australia. Terri-Anne is proud to be the Victorian distributer for the DermIdenticals skincare range.


Skin consultations at Terri-Anne Hair Skin Body are available both in-person and online. Once the products are chosen for your regime they will be sent to you via complimentary shipping. The comprehensive consultation includes an analysis of the condition of your skin, ongoing support and the opportunity to ask questions about your products or ongoing skincare regime. Terri-Anne Hair Skin Body aims to keep it simple with skincare solutions that are not complicated and also suit your lifestyle.

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