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About Terri-Anne 

Meet Terri-Anne Connors, a hairdresser and makeup artist with 20+ years experience in the hair, beauty and well-being industries. Terri-Anne’s approach to hair is one of utmost integrity and she knows that, along with her skills and experience, the way she lives her life has a meaningful impact on the way she provides services to her clientele.


Basing her artistry on the ancient but simple philosophy, Terri-Anne knows the lifestyle she leads, and the way she presents and carries herself in the salon affects her clients. Terri-Anne understands that the way she supports and nurtures herself within her own lifestyle is also the way she nurtures and supports her clients.

Experience and Background

Terri-Anne was trained at the exclusive Wynne-Hoelscher Academy in Brisbane – founded by the same duo who ran the Australian Hair Expos in Sydney – while doing her apprenticeship in her family salon. Terri-Anne also managed the salon, working on everything from bookkeeping to the ordering of professional and retail product. She later went to Brisbane and worked as a senior colourist for Benni Tognini an international hair artist and educator who was a four-times winner of Australian Hairdresser of the Year. It was here that she re-found her deep love of the artistry of hairdressing, the  chemistry of colour and the geometry of hair cutting.

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What to expect...

The first priority at Terri-Anne Hair Skin Body is to ensure your well-being and comfort. Only filtered water and herbal teas are served during your visit, and that is only our first offering. The teas served are L’Alchimiste Herbal Teas which are a range of eight herbal teas specially designed by naturopath Henrietta Chang, they are delicious to drink and offer specific support to your well-being and conscious awareness. This holding during your session supports you to fully let go and enjoy the experience.


At the beginning of your consultation, you are wrapped in a warm towel and small heat packs are gently placed on your shoulders, allowing you to relax and let go of the pressures of life. When Terri-Anne consults with you, she listens deeply and is able to put you at ease with concerns and supports you to articulate what you do and don’t like about the way your hair is. The next priority is to maintain the condition of your hair while giving the haircut and colour you are after to complete your look.


Nurturing is Terri-Anne’s middle name, and this is felt in the salon experience with subtle touches around the salon, candlelight, a blanket, feet up at the basin. This is your space to enjoy you and the next unfoldment of your look.

'Nurturing is my middle name...'

This is your space to enjoy you and the next unfoldment of your look.


Terri-Anne brings to life the artistry of hairdressing, skin and body treatments to the salon experience. It's the subtle touches that brings warmth to any surroundings and lets you know you're being cared for in the detail ... feet up at the basin, blankets, candlelight, herbal teas plus a spunky cut, stylish-do or fresh blow dry, Terri-Anne brings her 20+ years in the industry to serve you.

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