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Universal Medicine Therapies

Universal Medicine Therapies do not offer a cure or a fix, and are never a replacement for conventional medicine. Each modality offers a different approach to support the body to truly arrest the ill states of disharmony and thus return to a state of true wellbeing.

Energetic Facial Release

The Energetic Facial Release is based on the art and healing of Ancient Egyptian times, it is deeply nurturing and relaxing to receive. The stress and tensions of the day are not just carried in the body but also in the face, over time this wearing and burdening can be seen on the face. The energetic facial release, whilst only applied to the face, invites the whole body to surrender and let go of any tensions held in both the face and body. The client feels refreshed and restored while looking noticeably lighter and more vital. The true inner beauty is no longer obstructed from shining through.

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Sacred Esoteric Healing offers the client a marker in their body – a point of stillness, in stark contrast to the busy-ness and multi-tasking of life, where the client can feel what it is like to have all outer impositions stop, and just feel themselves. This sounds simple, and it is, but for many if not all people, it is a profound experience, to be able to stop all impositions from the outside, and feel their inner-most essence. Many people have not felt still within themselves, since they were a small child…


Once this is experienced in the body, clients come to realise that what they feel on the healing table is just the beginning and that healing can actually become a way of life. What we can come to realise is that no modality or therapy can truly “fix” us, consistently every day. In doing so, Sacred Esoteric Healing and its associated therapies can become something chosen by the client to support them, alongside choices they come to make in everyday life, to return to true wellbeing.

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