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Terri-Anne Hair Skin Body works on the basis that the origins of hairdressing are in healing and looking after the health and well-being of the scalp and the hair and therefore, the whole well-being of the client. Everything is based on looking after and nurturing the healthy condition of the hair, whether it is when cutting, colouring or styling.


Terri-Anne has practiced the art of cutting, colouring and styling hair for over 20 years. She thoroughly enjoys working with people from all walks of life to give them the style and cut that feels just like them.


Terri-Anne’s entry into the world of working in salons was first in management. Working in salon management allowed Terri-Anne to understand each part of the business and what each person was offering. Seeing hairdressing in action sparked an interest in Terri-Anne. She found an affinity with the artistry of hairdressing and connecting with people through the lifestyle changes.


Being in the salon with Terri-Anne is an experience in and of itself. The care and detail taken with each style is paramount to the service. Terri-Anne’s style has been referred to as timeless, as she brings her classic techniques and style along with her natural ability to feel what’s to come for clients with the look to match—whether they are after a look that is modern, fresh or classic.


With a background as senior hair colourist and colour educator, your new hair colour is in experienced hands with Terri-Anne. She understands the chemistry of the hair and how to create both nuanced and striking shades of colour to suit different skin tones and effects. Bhave colour products are used in all colouring services and the brand has been specially selected. With Terri-Anne’s years of experience as a stylist, colourist, manager, hair educator, a business representative and trainer, it was important to her to find a brand that was not only of a high quality, but one that nurtured and protected the hair. Bhave Haircare offers this and so much more. It is a product that supports hairdressers to be creative when working. It is also locally developed and made which is a bonus.


When having your haircut, Terri-Anne understands that what you don’t like or want is just as important as what you do like. That’s why each session commences with a full consultation, allowing you express exactly what you’re feeling and what is next for your new style. Terri-Anne then uses different techniques of cutting depending on the hair type and texture. She works with your face shape and desired maintenance level allowing your new haircut to come to life.


Terri-Anne absolutely loves styling, including finishing off a cut and colour, blowdrying, creating curls, straightening, and making different cocktails with styling lotions to create a desired look. Many clients enjoy the styling aspect of having their hair cut, whether it is finishing off the look for their cut and colour, or styling for a special occasion. Terri-Anne has supported people to look their best for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, job interviews and for many other special times. She works to both create hairstyles in precisely the way the client wants, whilst allowing the hair to still look and feel like hair.


For Terri-Anne, hairdressing is “an absolute joy, it is fun, it is creative, it’s nurturing… it enriches you as much as it does the clients…” and it is a joy and a pleasure to share this with you in the salon. 

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