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A luxurious curl-defining crème that defines your natural waves and curls.

Thanks to its rich combination of oils, murumuru seed butter and carnauba wax, this lush creme will smooth, hydrate and define your curls with a beautiful frizz-free result.

Beef up your curls and banish the frizz all in one smooth curl-defining move. This luxurious crème formulation is enriched with jojoba oil and murumuru butter to add definition to your wave / curl while providing essential moisture. 

  • defines naturally wavy / curly hair
  • provides anti-frizz properties
  • provides extra conditioning and moisture for a frizz-free result


  • Apply a small amount to towel-dried or damp hair.
  • Do not comb through, use your fingers to apply evenly.
  • Allow your hair to air-dry or use diffuser.

Curl Defining Creme 145ml

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