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Revive brassy, yellow tones back to life!

Infused with pigments that neutralise warm, brassy tones

Provides added protection and is ideal for blonde/brassy/grey/highlighted hair

Ignite your blonde & bring it back to life! For dull brassy blondes that need neutralizing - fast!

  • infused with pigments that neautralise brassy tones
  • provides added protection for blonde/highlighted hair
  • brightens tones of blonde, grey and highlighted hair

*TIP - rinse your hair with warm water first to allow the hair shaft to open.

Leave shampoo in your hair for 2 minutes after second shampoo. The hair cuticle is open when wet which allows for penetration of the bioactive keratin and toning pigments.

Rinse with cool water and condition as usual.

Bombshell Blonde Shampoo 1000ml

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